Back To The Labrador Wilds
The Return to Hubbard's Last Camp


 Expanded Third Edition 2016

Edited by Rudy Mauro


Dillon Wallace’s 1913 canoe journey back to the site of the tragic death of his friend and expedition leader of 1903, Leonidas Hubbard, was summarized in the eleventh edition of The Lure of the Labrador Wild. The story was later presented on the lecture circuit and in condensed, popular style, in some of the leading outdoor history journals of the day. Back to the Labrador Wilds, never published in book form, is a tale as fascinating and moving as The Lure of the Labrador Wild and Wallace’s equally acclaimed sequel, The Long Labrador Trail. By clicking here, you will begin reading the thirty-seven chapters of unabridged text, with illustrations, Rudy Mauro has assembled from Wallace’s original draft of his 1913 expedition through unexplored country to Hubbard’s last camp and place of death.


 Rudy Mauro’s addendum, Something Lost Behind the Ranges, a book working title borrowed from Kipling, is a condensed tale of grit and determination of a modern sort. The author recounts highlights of his adventures in the 1970s with the son of Dillon Wallace in retracing Wallace Sr.’s footsteps to the lost boulder marking Hubbard’s last camp in the Labrador wilderness.

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